ABC Property Management system is to be developed

ABC Property Management system is to be developed for ABC Property Management (Pvt.) Ltd. The company registers all
landlords who want to sell or rent their properties. Also, all tenants who want to rent or buy properties are registered with
the company.
Potential tenants can make enquiries on the available properties, which match their requirements. Tenants who want to
purchase/rent a house or a unit are then given a chance to see the properties they like. If a tenant likes to purchase/rent a
hose he/she has to fill and application form giving their personal and income details. The applications are filtered and handed
over by the sales staff of Property Company to the land load. If there are several customers to purchase/rent a house/unit,
then the landlord will select a customer.
Then the tent has to make deposit to reserve the house/unit to purchase/rent. Mean time the property agent makes
agreements. When agreement is made, both landlord and tenant have to sign to make it active. The property management
company sign separate agreements with the landlords on managing their property. For each sale or rent they make ABC
property management gets a commission from the landlord.
For rented properties the tenants have to pay rents weekly and the ABC property management does all maintenance work
done on properties. These property maintenance expenses are deducted from before payments are made to the landlords.
The property management sales staffs expect the system to keep all relevant details in their system including landlords,
tenants, properties, contracts, commissions, rentals and sales made, rents paid by tenants and etc.
The ABC property manage company has four branches operating in different locations of NSW. One branch has thirty
employees and other branches have less than 20 employees. However, they expect to expand and have more staff in the
future. Hence, they expect to have Local Area Networks (LANs) in each branch and a Wide Area Network (WAN) to connect
the branches.
Property Manager wants to get different reports on rental and sale properties, sales and rentals done and etc. The Manager
of ABC expects their systems to have good performance to make operational work efficient and make customers happy.
Hence, they expect you to recommend efficient hardware, networks and software.
Also, they expect their system to be secure enough to protect the data from unauthorized access, virus attacks, hackers and
etc. Hence, you need to recommend good security measures for the system.
The company currently handles these activities using a standalone system and they want to develop a web-based system to
provide a better service to their customers. The system needs to provide various functionalities and services to the customers
as well as for the staff of the ABC Property Management System.

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