A student in a university takes one or more courses according to his choice. But in order to be…

Scenario-1 In a university/college, a student called class representative (CR) represents other students of his class. The —STUDENT” entity may have attributes like University-ID, Name, and Phone Number etc. Let us draw an E-R Diagram of this case. Scenario-2 A student in a university takes one or more courses according to his choice. But in order to be a student, he must take at least one course. The course may have one attributes like Course-ID, Course-Name and Course-Fee etc. Draw ER diagram to show the relationship between “Student” and “Course”. Scenario-3 A course is always thought by some course teacher. A teacher cannot exist without corresponding course. A course may be thought by at least one or more teacher. On the other hand, a teacher may teach at least one or more course. Scenario-4 Each department has a HOD ‘chairman while chairman chairs only one department. Show the relationship. Chairman is a week entity because its existence is dependent on corresponding department. The relationship can be read as: “A department has a chairman” or “A chairman may have a department”. Scenario-5 A teacher belongs to only one and only one department. However, a department may have at least one or more teachers. The teacher can be visiting, part-time, or full-time. The relationship between “Teacher” and “Department” can be read as: “A teacher belongs to one or only one department. or “A department may have one or more teacher” Question: Complete ER model for university system to combine all 1,2,3,4 and 5 case scenarios


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