8 minutes powerpoint presentation

The powerpoint Presntation should be 8-10 minutes long, Please see the attachment, it’s how the instructor wants you to present the PowerPoint. Please use the same voice person as you did the recording..

BLOW is the instructions on how to logon to blackboard and get upload the PowerPoint and present it.

1) click on the link: https://login.nu.edu/default.html

2) sign in user: 023843334

Password: Deputy1840@

3) click call and I will send you the code and then enter it fast.

4) when you sign into blackboard, click on to the course LED680, then on the far left corner click blackboard collaborate, then in menue click sessions, then click course room, then click join course room

Once you enter the session:

this would be as if you have a live virtual audience, but of course there is none. This project must be done in Collaborate. You will upload your PPT through share files and then hit the record button in the upper left hand corner when you are ready to record. Make sure your PPT shows and the red dot is showing for recording. Turn off the recording once you are finished and then you will leave Collaborate.

I hope this helps

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