This individual report is to be completed as an individual assignment. It requires an analysis of the
attached Trendsetter Company case study (see page 2). The typewritten, 12 font, double-spaced
analysis in a business report format of 2000-2500 words attracts 50% of the marks for the course (see
Course Profile for details). The business report must have a title page, executive summary (maximum
300 words, excluded from word limit), table of contents (generated in MS Word or other software),
business report style numbered headings, numbered pages, in-text references in the required reference
style, reference list and appendices if needed (both excluded from word limit). Please follow the
Business Report Guidelines and criteria listed on the Marksheet (both documents are posted in
Assessment/Individual Report folder on Course Website).
Do not research Trendsetter Company (the name is fictitious). Base your analysis on the provided
information. The case study information has to be referenced in text and in the reference list (see
Assessment/Individual Report folder on Course Website for reference citation). Your analysis will
focus on the cultural dimensions/orientations and country specifics of the case, which have to be
referenced. Culture-related and country research outside the scope of the textbook is required.
The analysis must utilize the MBI framework using Kluckhohn & Strodtbeck model and other
supplementary cultural dimensions to interpret the identified management issues and to justify
the proposed solutions (appropriate dimensions from multiple cultural models are required for a
higher grade). Please note that the ASSIGNED COUNTRY was selected for educational purposes
only, it may not be suitable for this kind of business operations in reality.
IMPORTANT: Since this is the only encompassing individual assessment in the course, you need to
achieve minimum 45% of the total mark (22.5 points) to be eligible to pass the course. The
assignment will be checked by a text matching software (maximum 10% match is allowed,
excluding table of content and reference list).
It must be addressed in your business report, outlining your analysis of identified management issues
interpreted by means of cultural dimensions/orientations;
a country or culture comparison is not sufficient, nor is discussion about cultural dimensions.
IMPORTANT: Apply your analysis to the country you were ASSIGNED. Analysis of a different
country, other than your assigned country will accrue 0 marks. If your report shows a high degree of
similarity with somebody else’s work, you may be asked to complete an additional assignment.
Based on your analysis, propose suitable culture-specific methods to implement Trendsetter
Company’s core competencies and company values in their new factory. Use your cultural
management analysis to determine how these competencies, values and principles can be put into
practice by means of suitable management mechanisms, such as organisational structure and/or
systems, team design and/or management practices, that instill the desired problem solving, decision
making or motivation. From these, focus in your analysis on 2-3 most critical management issues of
your choice (determined as priority in your management analysis) and recommend other issues for
future research in the scope section. Justify by means of your cultural analysis why the recommended
methods would work in the local situation. Assume that local employees will be managed by
supervisors from Trendsetter Company headquarters in the initial phase.
CASE STUDY: Trendsetter Company
Trendsetter Company is a well-known European car manufacturer that is making a number of
efforts to embrace cross-cultural management. Its efforts have resulted from its multinational
operations. This company has currently several production and assembly plants in Europe, Asia and
South America. Trendsetter Company has managed to carve out a profitable niche market for itself in
the luxury segment of the car-manufacturing industry through technological innovation. Through its
Research and Development efforts, it has always tried hard to be at the cutting edge. It is the only car
manufacturer that concentrates entirely on premium standards and outstanding quality for all its
brands. It was the first company to unveil a prototype version of a car with a hydrogen-powered
engine. This is not surprising since the prestige of this company relies on the engine-making ability
of its brilliant engineers and continuous innovation of all employees, which requires crossdepartmental collaboration and active information sharing. Staff in all plants are expected to
proactively monitor quality with the aim of further improvement, and to generate innovative ideas
for production, assembly and new product development.
The company has to manage an additional challenge to its success in the market. This
challenge is to evolve and apply a company strategy and values that facilitate its advancement as a
global corporation. This strategy influences the company’s structure and it plays a vital role in the
decision-making and problem-solving processes. The company ethos finds its expression in the
uncompromising pursuit of luxury brands with an unmistakable profile. To achieve its goal, the
company knows how to deploy its strengths with an efficiency that is unmatched in the international
automotive industry. From research and development to sales and marketing, Trendsetter Company is
committed to the very highest in quality for all its products and a high level of customer service.
The main goal of this global strategy, which Trendsetter Company calls ‘glocalisation’, is to
find the right combination of global networking and local policy. Glocalisation revolves around a set
of key company values that are followed in principle by all parts of the organisation, although
implementation of the values is modified in each plant to suit local preferences. This allows
management teams in individual countries to select organisational structure and/or systems and
management practices, such as problem solving, decision making and motivational tools, that are
suitable for the local culture but promote the same company values. The objective is to ensure that
Trendsetter Company can think and act globally but also work within the framework of different
cultures. This is achieved by adhering to the company philosophy and values while putting them into
practice in a culturally acceptable manner.
As part of the Trendsetter Company expansion plan, it was decided to establish new
operations (fully owned manufacturing plant) in YOUR ASSIGNED COUNTRY (CHILE)and design
the appropriate organisational structure and systems as well as management practices. You were
contracted as consultant to write a business report that would detail the conducted analysis and
recommendations addressing the question stated on Page 1.

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