5 pages apa style digital forensics

    • Provide the Company Overview: This should be a brief description of the company (can be hypothetical) where the forensics plan will be implemented. Include the general company business, company size, location(s), and types of sensitive data being protected.
    • Provide the Abstract, describing at a high level the following (this should be 200 words in length):
      • The purpose of the digital forensics plan
      • An overview of the proposed Digital Forensics Plan (Describe at a summary level what will be included in the plan.)
      • Describe the following at a high level:
        • Vulnerabilities and threats or root cause of the attacks
        • Related digital forensics events
        • Forensics and incident responses to be provided
        • Containment of the damage
        • Minimizing the risks being addressed by the report
  • Name the document “yourname_CS631_IP1.doc.”
  • Ensure that the paper is in APA format.

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