A project plan outlines recommended approaches on how to use the network

A project plan outlines recommended approaches on how to use the network, database management system, software, and cloud service technologies selected. Industry best practices dictate selection criteria and their importance to a specific project; therefore, a project plan draft should include the recommended approaches, their criteria, and the benefits each is expected to deliver to the project.

For this assignment, you will draft a project plan for the project proposal you outlined in Week 1 (and updated earlier this week based on instructor feedback).

Use the Project Plan Draft.

Create a 3- to 4-page project plan draft, based on the document provided, for the business scenario you chose labelled “Project Proposal” . You may fill out the document using Microsoft Word, or other another software (such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project), to create your project plan draft. Your draft must include the following items:

  • Network technology recommendation(s)
  • Database management system recommendation(s)
  • Appropriate software application recommendation(s)
  • Cloud service recommendation(s)

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