14.1 How have conceptions of adolescence changed over the past century? (pp….

14.1 How have conceptions of adolescence changed over the past century? (pp. 519–521)14.2 Describe body growth, motor performance, and sexual maturation during puberty. (pp. 521–526)14.3 What factors influence the timing of puberty? (pp. 526–527)14.4 Describe brain development and changes in the organization of sleep and wakefulness during adolescence. (pp. 527–529)14.5 Explain adolescents’ reactions to the physical changes of puberty. (pp. 529–531)14.6 Describe the impact of pubertal timing on adolescent adjustment, noting sex differences. (pp. 531–533)14.7 Describe nutritional needs, and cite factors related to eating disorders in adolescence. (pp. 533–536)14.8 Cite common unintentional injuries in adolescence. (pp. 536–537)14.9 Discuss social and cultural influences on adolescent sexual attitudes and behavior. (pp. 537–541)14.10 Describe factors involved in the development of homosexuality. (pp. 541–543)14.11 Discuss factors related to sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancy and parenthood. (pp. 543–549)14.12 What personal and social factors are related to adolescent substance use and abuse? (pp. 549–551)

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