12-15 (double spaced) page essay needed by tomorrow night

The assignment is posted below. The topic can be anywhere along the lines of whatever is the simplest:

Race issues in the workplace

Gender issues in the workplace

The new Jim Crow

LGBT movement

or a variation of the above in whatever way


Has to be written in MLA or APA. References required.


The assignment details are posted below:

FINAL TERM PAPER replaces the Final Exam – Original Cultural Paper


You are to individually prepare a Research Term Paper (Word document) of 12-15 double-spaced pages in regular 12 point size font (including a reference list). Be sure to list your full name and topic. Your topic analysis may deal with Race and Gender Issues in Careers and Interview Communication; New Jim Crow Mass Incarceration of Minority Males, Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, or Indian Removals as Counter-Cultural Communication; LBTQIA+ as a Mass Movement; Cultural Communication Gone Right (or Wrong), etc.

As an alternative, Research Study/Survey, Thematic Poems, Thematic Songs, or Business Plans dealing with Crosscultural Communication—at least 12 Pages double-spaced, 12 pt. font. (15 pages for Graduate Students). Use MLA or APA writing style:

For citing references in APA style see:

http://www.apastyle.org/learn/tutorials/basics-tutorial.aspx (Links to an external site.)  

Your information must be valid. You will need to make the connection and relate your topic to crosscultural and communication issues by specifically matching your paper claims and concepts to course material concepts. The topic can be the same as the one used for the Literature Review—in fact the Literature Review entries can be used (without the annotated descriptions) as the Reference List for the Final Paper.

The paper should be well-written with appropriate grammar and correct spelling. It should also be attractive, creative, tightly organized, and substantive. To ensure your learning, and to ensure fairness to all students, your work must be your own and is subject to Turnitin (educational author authentication software). Be sure the assignment is original to the course and adheres to copyright guidelines.

Refer to the sample evaluation Rubric included for the Final Term Paper assignment.  The instructor will use a similar one for evaluation.  So use it as a general guide in preparing your paper. 


Most research term papers include: a) an Introduction, Thesis/Claim or Hypothesis; b) Literature Review (1-2 paragraphs statement); c) Clear Methodology identified & used—“How” you will do the study systematically; d) Analysis/Essay, Findings (the longest part of the paper); e) Implications/Conclusion to support Thesis/Claim or Hypothesis; and f) a Reference List.


Introduction – Start with a profound attention-grabbing statement that is “news.” This may only be 1-3 sentences in length. (Example: “The very technology that can bring people who are thousands of miles away together may also be serving to breakdown the deep cultural values of families.”)

Thesis/Claim or Hypothesis â€“ This is similar to a Central Idea Statement (CIS) in a speech. In 2-3 sentences, it announces your topic (keep the topic narrow and specific). It also identifies the method you will use to approach the topic, and the scope (or limit) of what your study will accomplish. (Example – “In this study, I will analyze the impact of new media technologies upon passing down family cultural, oral traditions. This is a combination of a qualitative critical analysis with a brief numerical survey. This investigation is limited to videos and texting by smartphones and nuclear family communication cultural traditions in United States households.”)

Method â€“ Identify and state the specific Method to be used. There are many. For our purposes, let’s agree to use one (1) of the four Methods listed below:


  • KEY RESEARCH QUESTIONS – Choose a Crosscultural Communication topic. Form three key research questions that you and the reader may wish to know. The research questions may be based on a gap you noticed in reviewing the literature on your chosen topic. Investigate and answer the questions in your research paper.


  • BURKE’S PENTAD â€“ Apply Kenneth Burke’s Pentad to an analysis of a speech, song, play, book, movie, character (s), etc. Burke’s criteria consist of: Act, Agent, Agency, Scene, and Purpose of the Communicators involved in a “Drama of life” Communication Event. The work chosen should be analyzed from the standpoint of dramatism and Crosscultural Communication.



  • SURVEY – Choose a Crosscultural Communication topic. Conduct an informal, ANONYMOUS survey among diverse populations of Students.   Report the results. Also, discuss any key issues with regard to the topic. Online sites such as Poll Everywhere or SurveyMonkey can be helpful.



  • COMBINATION – Use a combination of either of the Methods listed above.



Literature Review â€“ You may have already completed this step in an earlier assignment. If not, find and read existing published literature that is similar to your chosen subject area. In 1-2 paragraphs, organize these past studies on your topic into categories and summarize general findings of the categories. (If you completed the course Literature Review, simply cut and paste the subject area summary pattern of literature into your Research Term Paper).

Analysis â€“ This is the main body (probably 85%) of the research paper. Elaborate on the topic and support the claims established earlier in the paper through applying the chosen criteria/method stated earlier. Explain 2-3 major issues dealing with the subject. If your study is quantitative, provide statistical or numerical information on the population sample used, etc. If your study is qualitative (critical/rhetorical/textual), provide examples, testimonies, quotes, etc., to support the claims made. It is important that you clearly point out the significance of your chosen topic to intrapersonal, interpersonal, or public COMMUNICATION MESSAGES and CULTURE.   Relating your subject to course materials is a must. Do this by referencing specific course textbook page numbers, Instructor Notes, etc. Also, a list of “Communication-related” journals are listed below to provide ideas.

Results – Clarify your findings. In 3-4 sentences, what can actually be concluded or determined as the result of your investigation that was not known when you started the study?

Implications for Further Study, and Summary – In a brief paragraph, suggest some practical future study directions. What should happen as the result of your study? Suggested actions should grow out of the research paper analysis and data, and not include separate, unrelated editorializing. Suggest any possible limitations to your study—such as, “My sample could have been larger.” “While the diagram is one-dimensional, it can be developed to become multi-dimensional over time.” etc.   Suggest ways that other researchers can contribute further research perspectives on the topic. Finally, in 1-2 sentences, revisit what you promised in terms of the thesis, method, and analysis, and remind the reader that you delivered on those promises during this scholarly investigation.

References â€“ List 7-10 scholarly communication online references or other book and article sources. (If you completed the Literature Review, you may simply cut and paste the actual Reference List for the subject area chosen—but do not include the reference “descriptions or annotations” in the Reference List of the actual Research Paper).

(Ex. – Galvin, K. & Bylund, C. “First Marriage Families: Gender & Communication,” In L. Arliss & D. Borisoff (Eds.) Women and Men Communication: Challenges and Changes, 2nd edit. (Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland, 2001) pp. 132-148.

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