115.107 Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems
The assignment is marked out of 100 marks, distributed as noted below, and is worth 25% of your
final grade
Due on Monday, 10 September 5pm NZ time
1. Submit 2 files via Stream assignment upload link
An assignment report (documentation) for parts 1 to 4 using either Microsoft Word or
Open Office Writer.
The assignment report is a “paper trail” of what you have done while working on the
assignment. It will include a contents page, and many screen shots of your progress.
A suggested template will be available on Stream.
Make sure that the report is well presented. To fully appreciate your work, markers
need to be able to find your answers, and to understand everything you did. How to
style and format your report is explained in part 5 of this document. Marks are awarded
for the correct use of word processing features and overall presentation.
A database file for parts 2 and 3 using either Microsoft Access or Open Office Base
You are given a partially completed database, Microsoft Access or Open Office Base
which you will download from Stream. In parts 2 and 3 you will add database tables, add
data and create queries / reports on data. This takes place within the given database.
Note: How to submit assignment files via Stream is covered in Module 1 exercises.
When assigning marks, markers will rely both on your report, and on the database. If a
feature that should be both in the database and in the report is present in only one of them
(for example, a database query present in the database, but not documented in the report),
you may lose marks for that feature
2. Completed Wiki pages (Part 5) on Stream
You are required to create a few Wiki pages and add some content to these pages via
Assignment Part 5 Wiki on Stream. Markers will be able to access your pages and mark your
Note: within this document the terms
report, database and spreadsheet are
These terms correspond respectively
to Word or Writer, Access or Base,
Excel or Calc, depending upon
whether you are using Microsoft
Office, or Open Office
Overview of this document
How to Approach this assignment
Part 1 – Data modelling a business scenario with Entity Relationship (ER) diagram
Part 2 – Implement the relational model in a database
Part 3 – Query data and report within the database
Part 4 – Export data to a spreadsheet, analyse and display information graphically
Part 5 and on-going – maintain a wiki
How to approach this assignment
The main aim of this assignment is to test the knowledge and skills you gain by completing software
exercises in modules 1 to 6 of this paper (over weeks 1 to 6). In the exercises you learn new concepts
and develop hands-on technology skills. You are expected to be working on the software exercises
and on the assignment more or less simultaneously: acquire skills by doing software exercises and
immediately apply them by completing the relevant parts of the assignment.
In addition, the assignment involves a small number of tasks not covered by the exercises, to offer
you an experience in resolving IT problems by relying on using software help systems and the
Internet as sources of technical information.
Carefully complete the exercises
It is impossible to fully understand what is required in the assignment (let alone, complete it) unless
you carefully complete the exercises first. Before attempting Part 1 of the assignment, complete the
relevant software exercises. Once you have attempted Part 1, complete the exercises relevant to
Part 2. And so on.
There is just one exception from this recommended sequential approach: it is recommended that
you briefly take a look at Part 5 from the very start, even before you start working on Part 1.
The Wiki pages you are going to create in Part 5 are devoted to various aspects of your experiences
in working on the assignment, so you might want to note your experiences as you proceed.
Take sufficient time (about 5 weeks)
Skills acquisition takes time and practice. You do need about 5 weeks to complete the exercises and
the assignment. Needless to say, attempts to cram 5 weeks’ work into one week are unlikely to
result in good outcomes.
Expect to do and re-do most of the artefacts
It is highly likely that you will revisit most of the assignment deliverables more than once.
For example, as you work on the rest of the assignment, you are likely to gain a better understanding
of both the meaning of ER notation and of the exact requirements for the ER diagram you complete
in Part 1. Therefore, you would go back to Part 1, and adjust the ER diagram to reflect your better
level of understanding. Expect to go over several versions of each artefact you create. Do not expect
to “get everything right” on the first attempt.
Part 1: ER diagram (25 marks)
Complete Module 3 Exercises before you start working on this part of the assignment.
A Simple Property Management System – Original Scenario

Britton Real Estate offers services to owners who want to lease their properties as dwellings.
Such properties include, for example, houses and apartments, but do not include industrial buildings,
nor offices.
Britton’s legal team draws up leases that need to be signed by one property tenant only, who then
takes responsibility for the rental, or monthly lease, and the on-going physical condition of the
property. This tenant is the lessee and there is only one tenant who can take this role, even if there
are multiple individuals residing at the same property, such as students renting a house or
The lease placed on a property has a start and end date. Any property may have many leases
associated with it over time.
Britton’s property manager is responsible for properties under Britton’s management, arranging
tasks such as garden maintenance, window washing, electrical and plumbing repairs. Properties are
serviced by various service providers according to the service required.
A property is always serviced by at least one service provider.

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