10-12 Page Powerpoint

Create a 10 12 page Powerpoint dicussing elemets of change. SOme of the insrtuctions are below. Once handshake is complete, will email reflection essay and additional instructions.


Final Project Guidelines and Grading Guide






The Final Project for this course is the creation of a Change Leader PowerPoint Presentation. The Change Leader PowerPoint Presentation will outline how you intend to incorporate our course learning into your career, and role as a change leader. The final product represents an authentic demonstration competency, because it will address the application of Kotter and Cohen’s eight-step change model to lead change within a specific organization. The project will be completed as One Milestone, which will be submitted in Module Eleven. You are strongly advised to apply the feedback from the eight change blogs to your Final Project.






To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to apply what you have learned in this course and should include the following course outcomes:




  1. To understand the factors that must exist in order to facilitate “lasting or long term” change
  2. To identify and apply the principles of organizational change
  3. To utilize Kotter and Cohen’s eight-step model to effectively lead change
  4. To apply several change theories to a variety of cases in order for students to “test” the application of theory to practice
  5. To develop an understanding of the role that vision and strategy both play in developing and successfully implementing large-scale change
  6. To identify and appreciate the scope involved in facilitating transformational change
  7. To gain an understanding of how organizational change is achieved
  8. To enhance personal capabilities and abilities for navigating change in our lives


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