1. Respond to the TWO drug inquiries below by assessing the evidences from appropriate… 1 answer below »

Coursework Task (30 Marks) 1. Respond to the TWO drug inquiries below by assessing the evidences from appropriate references. Complete a Drug Information Request Form for EACH of the inquiry. a) Ms Lily Cheam (contact number: 87654321), a nurse at a day care centre, called to ask you on the doses to be given for a 55 years old healthy man. She needs to counsel him on how to take the Senna tablets and lactulose syrup that he bought from NTUC supermarket for his current constipation. She wants to know the doses, when to take, any regards to meal, etc. b) Dr Tan Koh Vit (drtan@gmail.com) emailed you to ask which proton pump inhibitors he should give for a male 50 years old patient that is already taking clopidogrel for coronary artery disease. The patient has a newly diagnosed gastroesophageal reflux disease. Dr Tan is considering esomeprazole, lansoprazole, or omeprazole, and ask you to provide detailed supporting information. Additionally, Dr Tan is asking you to recommend an additional medication for the patient’s body ache due to recent flu. Suggested Structure of Coursework You need to include the following features in your coursework. You may also wish to make use of these features to structure your coursework submission. (Refer to the assessment rubrics given in APPENDIX B for the allocation of marks.)


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