1. Describe in a brief article the functions ofsoftware development process software quality assuran

1. Describe in a brief article the functions ofsoftware development process software quality assurance, softwareproject management and software configuration management. Discusshow these work together during the software development life cycle.Discuss how they improve software PQCT
2. write a short article that answers the followingquestions
a. what are the similarities and differences betweenthe spiral process, the unified process and am agileprocess
b. what are the pros and cons of each of theseprocesses?
c. which types of projects should apply which ofthese processes?
A coin operated car wash system is a self-service carwash system. A customer inserts the required number of quarters tobuy a preset period of wash time. The customer can turn a dial toselect soap, foam, rinse, and wax any time during the wash period.The system beeps when one minute is remaining. The customer caninsert more quarters to prolong the wash period. Perform thefollowing for car wash system.
a. Identify and specify the system requirementsincluding functional and nonfunctional requirements.
b. Decompose the system into functional subsystemsdecompose the system requirements if necessary.
c. Allocate the system requirements to thesub-system.
d. Construct a system architectural design diagram usinga diagramming technique of your choice or as designated by theinstructor.
4. In Appendix D 2 a National Trade Show Services(NTSS) business is described. Suppose that currently the NTSSbusiness is conducted manually. The company wants to develop a web-based on-line system to automate the business. This exercise may bean individual assignment or part or part of a team project. Itrequires the student or team to do the following.
a)From the business description identify and listthe most important business activities of the current business.These are the functionalities that the future system must provideHint: the number of such activities may differ from student tostudent. However, the combined functionality identified shouldcover at least 90% of the current business activities, whichincludes the most important business function.
b)Identify other necessary functionalities for theonline system so the business can run online For example, thesystem needs to authenticate users.
c)Formulate the functionalities as softwarerequirements.
5.2 Produce a one page description of the businessoperation for a hotel reservation system. State practical andreasonable assumptions
5.3 Perform the brainstorming step for the hotelreservation system using the description produced in exercise5.2
5.4 Perform the classification step from thebrainstorming results produced in exercise 5.3 for the hotelreservation system.
5.5 Draw a UML class diagram as a domain mode based onthe classification results produced in exercise 5.4
5.6 Review the domain model clas diagram produced inexercise 5.5 using the review check list in section 5.4.5. Producea review report that answer the list of reviewquestion.
5.7 Select another application and do as the aboveexercise for this application
6.5 Consider the Airport Baggage Handling Systemdiscussed in chp 3. The conveyor subsystem employs barcode scannersand pushes to guide the pieces of luggage to travel toward theirdescription on the conveyor belts. There is software subsystem thatworks with these two types of devices. Determine the type of thissubsystem. Note that the subsystem may involve more than one typeof subsystem. Select the architectural style to apply. Also producea sketch of the architectural design and specify the functionalityfor each of the subsystem and components.
7.3 For the National Trade Show Services(NTSS)requirements specifications you produced in exercise 4.6 do thefollowing.
Derive use cases from the requirementsspecification
Specify the high level use cases
Draw use case diagram
Apply use case partition rules if necessary to reducethe number of use cases allocated to each subsystem.
8.5 In Appendix D2 a National trade show service(NTSS) business is described. In exercise 4.6 and exercise 7.3 youproduced the requirements and derived use cases for thisapplication. Now write the expanded use cases
9.5 Produce scenarios, Scenario table, and designsequence diagrams for the deposit money, withdraw money, CheckBalance, and transfer money expanded use cases you produced for theATM application in exercise 8.1
14.1 Refine the Obtain an Offer letter activitydiscussed in section 14.5.4 to produce an activity diagram takinginto consideration conditional branching concurrency andsynchronization. Attached

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